Float Wellness

Sensory Deprivation

Drift into tranquility as you effortlessly float in a sensory-deprived environment

The Treatment – Floatation Therapy

What is sensory deprivation?

Imagine stepping into a serene, lightproof, and soundproof tank filled with warm, buoyant water.

In this space, you effortlessly float, free from external stimuli.

The idea is to create a unique environment that eliminates sensory input – no sight, sound, or gravity. It’s like a break for your mind and body, allowing profound relaxation, stress reduction, and a chance to explore a state of deep calmness.


Suppress the sympathetic nervous system which produces fight or flight response. Activate the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for relaxation, healing & replenishment.


Proven to significantly reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, addictions, ADHD and more.

 It feels like a reset button for your mind.


Relieve arthritis, back pain, neck pain, tendonitis, bursitis, inflammation & psychosomatic pain.

Muhammad AMuhammad A
13:48 27 Dec 23
Abdullah AdamjeeAbdullah Adamjee
07:13 29 Nov 23
This was a unique experience that can best be described as other-worldly! I’m trying to formulate into words the feeling one experiences in this unique environment. It definitely was NOT a scary experience! I could actually hear my own heart beating as I settled into a deep calm state! The time flew by way too quickly and I was rejuvenated and refreshed when my session was done. I strongly recommend the Float experience to all even if its only just once. You have try this out guys. It will give you a new perspective on life.
19:34 26 Nov 23
It was an amazing experience. Relaxation on another level….even better than a massage absolutely gentle on the body . it is non invasive…..And the other bonus is .Yr skin becomes so clear and glows.A must try …
Karen KennedyKaren Kennedy
08:58 01 Aug 23
Fantastic experience, highly recommended!!! Not claustrophobic at all as I was a bit apprehensive about that. Skin soft and glowing, stress levels definitely down.
Najib SalimNajib Salim
07:44 25 Mar 23
Floating is relaxing and has help relieve my muscle pain. Sensory deprivation float is even better… I use this hour to catch up on much needed rest.
Nkcubeko DzanibeNkcubeko Dzanibe
13:07 04 Mar 23
Aneesa’s float wellness lab is spotless! They have friendly and professional staff. When I arrive there, I always feel at peace. My experience after using the float lab is that I always feel like I’ve hit a reset button mentally and physically. One definitely benefits from having multiple sessions- It’s a great way to decompress and reconnect with yourself!
varsha naiduvarsha naidu
07:15 13 Oct 21
Such an amazing space and experience! Loved the sensory deprivation experience and will be back for sure. After having read about it I was anxious to experience it with my claustrophobia but there was no issue whatsoever! Professional staff and safe parking.


Achieve a state of profound relaxation

1 Hour

Essential Serenity Package

R 600 / Session
  • Enjoy a one-hour sensory deprivation float, allowing your mind and body to unwind in a tranquil environment.
  • Experience weightlessness in our top-of-the-line floatation tank, promoting deep relaxation and stress relief.
  • Immerse yourself in a unique sensory experience that enhances mental clarity and rejuvenates your senses.

1.5 hour

Tranquil Escape Package

R 700 / Session
  • Extend your relaxation with a 1.5-hour session in our sensory deprivation tank.
  • Delve deeper into a meditative state, as the extended floatation time enhances the benefits of sensory isolation.
  • Recharge both your mind and body, experiencing the profound effects of prolonged sensory deprivation.

2 hour

Ultimate Relaxation Package

R 800 / Session
  • Indulge in the ultimate relaxation with our 2-hour floatation session.
  • Immerse yourself in an extended period of sensory isolation, allowing for a more profound state of mental and physical rejuvenation.
  • This premium package offers an immersive journey into tranquility, promoting overall well-being and mindfulness.


Frequently Asked Questions

You received a gift card! Amazing 🎉 Book as you usually would, and during payment, select the Redeem a gift card option and enter your unique gift card code you received in your email. Enjoy your float!

We provide:

Drinking Water, A Shower, Shampoo, Conditioner, Makeup Wipes, Towels, Hair Dryer, Disposable Earplugs, Earbud, Petrolium Jelly, Float Tank, Relaxing Music, Hand Sanitiser, Thermometer for Temperature Check, etc.


What to Pack:

-Bathing Suit
-Bag or packet for wet bathing suit

Feel free to bring your own personal care items

If you eat before, try nothing more than a light snack, no sooner than 30min before your float.

Ideally, avoid stimulants like caffeine 90 minutes prior. No alcohol or drugs prior.

It's also best not to shave or wax right beforehand because the Epsom salt might sting a bit.

Over and above the tank filtration technology, there’s the power of Epsom salt. With over half a ton of magnesium salts in each tank, the salt-rich environment is inhospitable to living organisms. Each client is also asked to shower before getting in, so we all do our part in letting these other systems take care of the rest and ensure a sanitary experience for everyone. As you enter reception, there is hand sanitiser and a temperature check. Masks are worn around all communal areas of Float Wellness SA. Float rooms and tanks are manually sanitised after each appointment and the tanks filtration system takes care of the water.