Suppress the sympathetic nervous system which produces fight or flight response. Activate the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for relaxation, healing & replenishment.


MENTAL HEALTH Reduce symptoms like anxiety, depression, addictions, ADHD. It feels like a reset button for your mind


Relieve arthritis, back pain, neck pain, tendinitis, bursitis, inflammation & psychosomatic pain.


There is a direct link between stress and the immune system. As you relax, the body engages the parasympathetic nervous system helping the body and mind to relax. ​ The body is in the optimal state to heal.

Focus & Learning

Accessing theta brainwaves opens an impressionable mind. This leads to rapid learning and absorption of material. Removing the mind and body from an over-stimulated world allows restorative relaxation and results in improved focus.


The lack of sensory stimuli assists with the regulation of sleep hormones. It also causes you to transition alert and active alpha brainwaves to deep rest, daydreaming Theta wave state.


The Journal of Music and Medicine ran a study which discovered that after regular float sessions, jazz musicians saw an improvement in technical abilities for improvisation.


The sympathetic nervous system, (fight/flight responses) which secretes fat-storing chemicals is put to rest. The parasympathetic nervous system begins to stimulate digestion, activate the metabolism, and engages relaxation.

Balanced Hormones

Floatation balances hormones, reducing PMS symptoms. It’s one of the most effective treatments for decreasing the body’s cortisol levels. The magnesium absorption encourages serotonin production.

why float?

more benefits

Floatation pods are designed to remove all external stimuli and allow your sympathetic nervous system to take a break and your parasympathetic nervous system to take over. This is where healing occurs.

Throughout the session, you will progressively move deeper through states of relaxation and focus. The minerals in the water will help relieve muscle tension, blood pressure, stress hormones and pump endorphins instead by improving blood flow.

Floating in anti-inflammatory and healing minerals absorbed by the skin paired with brain waves slowing down to theta waves, allows our bodies to repair and recover at a rapid pace.

The environment increases blood circulation to limbs and the brain. It mimics muscle hearing that occurs during a long medicated sleep where our bodies heal themselves. In this way, it's within as little as a 1 hour float session.

There are benefits both in the conception and gestation period. The physical, mental and emotional healing effects of floatation therapy have helped many women struggling to fall pregnant to successfully conceive.

Aside from hearing Baby's heart beat earlier than your scan, the anti-gravity environment removes pressure on the body caused by a growing baby.

Women who float regularly during their pregnancy have found they are able to work full-time up to their due date and sleep on their back throughout the pregnancy. Their physicians have put this down to the deep, restorative rest and the spinal pressure relief experienced during floats.

Floating naturally decompresses the spine and allows joints spaces to open up and relax.
In a zero-gravity environment, body is relieved of all pressure and contact points. Blood vessels fully dilate, instantly reducing blood pressure and maximizes the delivery of blood, oxygen, and red blood cells throughout the body. The Epsom salt float therapy also helps your body to replenish magnesium, thought to be a crucial element in reducing high blood pressure.